O: Old Ellicott City

O is for Old Ellicott City.

I've already mentioned some of the history of the HoCo in my posts on Elkridge and Neighborhood. One of the best places to visualize some of that history is in Old Ellicott City.

There, you can see damage/flood marks from past floods - the mills (like Oella) are right along the water, and this has periodically been a serious problem. I heard a story long ago about the history of one such flood (possibly the 1868 one) on NPR, and the damage/loss of life it caused and one hero it produced. If I can find it I'll share it.

Old Ellicott City is also fun because it's good for quirky shops and tasty restaurants. It's apprently getting a Subway, which some people have been upset about... but honestly... if it brings foot traffic, it will hopefully be good for the area.

So, to conclude with another 1000 words...

Old Ellicott City today.
Image from WikiMedia Commons

O is for Old Ellicott City (and.. kinda.. for phoning it in. Oh wait, that's P. Sorry, be back and better than ever tomorrow. In the mean time... what do you love about Old Ellicott City?).


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  1. Stopping by from the A-Z Challenge.

    I know nothing about Old Ellicott City, but I do love quaint little towns with quirky stores and tasty restaurants. Whenever I go to new places, that's the first kind of place I try to find.

  2. I love living near enough to walk down there. I wish that we had more time (and money) to spend enjoying the restaurants and shops without the kids. Not fun navigating an antique shop with grabby handed little girls!

  3. I am so charmed by Old Ellicott City. I love roaming the streets, admiring the old buildings, and poking my head into the little antique shops.

    That said, mostly we just go there for the restaurants, usually Ellicott Mills Brewing Company. :)

  4. I've never heard of it, but it looks so charming.

  5. Every time I drive down Main Street, which I do most days as part of my commute, I marvel over the fact that I live here and can call this my neighborhood. I only wish my road was safe to walk down, so I could stroll down to Main Street.

  6. Here's to making it this far, congratulations! I have an award for you!!