Farmers & Markets Addendum

This is not at all a HoCo post, but it is sort of related to markets and farmers.  And it was too interesting not to share. 

I still hear a lot about Japan on the radio and in the papers, including personal accounts. There's a great post over on Just Hungry that describes one retailer's approach to dealing with the food/vegetable crisis

Just Hungry is a fabulous food blog maintained by a Japanese expat who (last I checked) was living in Europe. Her writing style is clear, entertaining, and informative. She also runs a site called Just Bento and has a related cookbook.

A number of food products from contaminated areas have been identified in recent weeks, although some reports say the risk from consuming "hot" vegetables is low. Bans on imports have been instituted by other nations as well, including the US. The UN reports that produce grown in other countries is not at risk.

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