C: Chopstixx

C is for Chopstixx. 

Double X intentional - you see, it's the name of one of our favorite takeout restaurants, located off of US-1 in Elkridge (at the shopping center at US-1 and MeadowridgeMontgomery Road).

I play favorites when it comes to takeout. I have my go-to pizza joints, my go-to for wings, etc. Chopstixx churns out consistently good food, be it the better-than-"usual" suspects or their slightly more enticing street meals menu. The food is an excellent value, too - big portion sizes and fresh ingredients. I don't ever get the sense that I'm nom'ing chopped by-product when I go to this place.

They also serve bubble tea. And the staff is super friendly. And the service is very efficient.

Other than that, I'll let the food speak for itself...

Malaysian Kway Teow
Rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, scallions... this was spicy and tasty.

Thai Fried Rice.
Jalapeños give it a spicy kick.

General Tso's Chicken.
Classic. Not too greasy. Tasty.

Miso Soup and Steamed Shumai
Perfect with an ice cold beverage.

Meat Stew Rice w. a Simmered Egg (link courtesy of Min)
(pork and five spice, daikon radish pickle, interesting egg...
this is AWESOME and a great value)

House Seafood Soup with crispy wantons
(I put it in a glass to make it pretty)


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  1. Bubble tea? Never heard of it. Is it carbonated?

  2. I had as close to General Tso's as we can get out here in the sticks. It's one of the few things I miss about Urban life.

  3. Oh boy, do I love me some Chopstixx. Great recommendations- you're helping break me out of my drunken noodles habit. Thanks!

  4. Make that Montgomery Road, not MeadowRidge. I've not been there, looks like I need to check it out!

  5. Great. Now I want Chinese. (I'm terrified to try Bubble Tea. I think it's the tapioca.)

  6. Yummy. Did I mention I'm starving. LOL

    Nice post.


  7. @ RK - it's kind of a food thing I haven't quite been able to get onboard with (but I will try at some point - it's tea with beads in it, usually made of tapioca. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubble_tea )

    @ Cat - sorry to hear it!

    @ TJ - highly recommend the street meals menu... although... drunken noodles = yum!

    @ Zevonista - whoops, thanks for catching that!

    @ Alicia - it weirds me out too :)

    @ Lisa - Thanks! :)

  8. Great post! Really happy to find another foodie who enjoys Chopstixx's street menu. Usually I'd have a (very sweet) black tea latte to go with the take outs.

    One minor thing to note, though: the egg is not a tea egg but rather "lu dan," literally translated. Hard boiled eggs with shells removed are braised in a sauce that consists basically of soy sauce, spice, and sugar (many household secret recipes here) for about an hour.
    The blogger of Eating China calls them "Stewed Appetizer Eggs". http://www.eatingchina.com/articles/taiwan-food.htm

  9. Hey Min, my mistake - thanks for the clarification! :)