L: Libraries

L is for Libraries.

I say it a lot, and probably not often enough, but I love my library. Even if I'm always just a little short of mayorship. It's awesome.

The Howard County Library System has a number of branches, several of which are convenient either to where I live or along the routes I normally travel. They have an efficient, easy-to-use online request system which puts titles right at my fingertips. And the staff there are friendly and engaging - they notice when I check out stacks of books on a given topic (say, Bonnie and Clyde) and I've often had them ask questions or offer advice. One librarian even gave me encouragement as I checked out some writing books.

So not only does the library protect my wallet from my weakness for books, but it's always an enjoyable experience to just stop in and wander the stacks for a while.

Oh. And did I mention they have parties? Um... YES

That's right, Martinis. IN THE LIBRARY.
For SERIOUS. Taken at the 2011 Evening In The Stacks.
On to the more practical side of things... the libraries offer a huge range of programs. Coincidentally, Erinn at Something Else to Distract Me posted about some of them today. They offer regular events and classes for ALL ages. They are a hub of community outreach and education.

And... well, they're awesome, those library people. They do great things for our community - education, learning, resources, and a place to learn and explore are never wasted and (sadly) often not appreciated. Thank a Librarian today (or tomorrow... they might not appreciate a call at this hour).

L is for Libraries, some of the best places in The HoCo.


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  1. Wow, I have been to the library a bunch of times ... No martinis. I have to start going with you. :-)

  2. Our library system has an annual gala "In the Stacks" - I really wanted to go this year.