D: Daedalus Books

D is for Daedalus.

There are few things quite as dangerous as a bookstore.


It's always been that way for me - book sales, the local Borders chain, even sidewalk sale events, it's very difficult for me to walk away without an armful of books. I love browsing the shelves, sifting through titles to find a phrase or a cover or a summary that speaks to me. I like the touch and feel of a book (even as I like my Kindle - whole 'nother story).

You can see why this is a dangerous thing.  You might also understand why it's nice to have options like the library - or a used book store.

I used to go to the used book shop off of Dobbin Road (Lily's Mexican Market expanded into that space). Yet for years, I've driven past another location without stopping.

Daedalus Books, which has an online store, as well as physical stores in Baltimore and Columbia.

I took some time the other day to visit Daedalus and see what I was missing.

The store itself is pretty bare-bones, with concrete flooring and bright lights. But it has books. Shelves and stands and stacks of books. They're organized pretty well, but be prepared to spend some time looking.

The used remaindered inventory at the store is not as broad a selection at bigger chain places, of course. Still, I easily found items of interest. In fact, much more than I left with.

And pretty good deals...

Or were they?  Well, let's do some math.

List price - paid price = 54.44 - 12.94 = $42.50 saved.

But who really pays list price anyway? A more accurate judge for this would be to go to a big online retailer, the automatic go-to when one starts to shop online (especially for books)... that's right. That one.

Online Price (lowest new, without shipping) - Paid Price = 27.95 - 12.94 = $15.01 saved.

Pretty good deal. :)  Also of note two of the three books were somewhat scarce on the Big Online store. 

D is for Daedalus Books, a local and online source for used remaindered books in the HoCo.


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  1. I agree. I could spend hours meandering through bookstores, garage sales, whereever. Gathering up books and yikes what happens is you end up like me with over 250 books in my library of unread fiction. I guess if there is ever a disaster I'll have plenty to read. LOL


  2. I love love love Daedalus books. A fantastic place to get gifts.

    I'm thought, though, they are not a used book store, but more like a book outlet?

  3. Sarah, you're right - their inventory is overstocked/"remaindered" books. Fixed. :)

  4. I'm a big fan of Daedalus as well. It is one of the few brick-and-mortar stores I still go to for holiday shopping (everyone gets books!).

    It's also a great place for kids books, and the fact that you can get such great bargains is wonderful when you have a two-year-old who doesn't fully appreciate the concept of leaving book pages in their place.

  5. Great information about Daedalus. I hadn't heard of them but will try them out the next time I'm looking!

  6. You can follow or subscribe to Daedalus Books' very own blog! http://dailyglean.salebooks.com/

    or visit the website at www.salebooks.com