B: Bloggers of the HoCo

B is for Bloggers. HoCo Bloggers, to be specific.

It took me a while to get into blogging. Sure, I had blogs before. The most successful was one that was defined by a short-term goal. More of a project then a blog. An internet journal, if you will.

When I started SwimWriteRun (originally MoWrites), I tried to set parameters like that because I thought that would help keep me blogging - a schedule, the decision to cover whatever theme I chose, etc.

What I didn't anticipate was the HoCo blogosphere.

Howard County's blogging community is both rich and active. There are more than 200 bloggers on board. Monthly get-togethers give bloggers an opportunity to meet face-to-face, adding an unusual amount of personal contact to blogging. I know it wasn't always that way, that the group was smaller. I'm not sure if it's grown because that core group was so awesome, or if it reflects a wider, more general trend in how people express themselves (or their causes/agendas/brands/passions) to the rest of the world.

I do know that the "blogosphere" has become part of why I like to blog. I like to know that people are reading my posts. (Hi!)  

More importantly, I like to read local/community blogs. I like the thoughtful social commentary, the quick and timely snippets of local politics, and the varied points of view offered by the community. I like seeing honest, intelligent, and even-keeled debate when bloggers do not agree. I like how bloggers support each other, whether by donating to someone's cause, linking to other blogs, or stepping up when an anonymous commenter is out of line (not that such a thing ever happens).

Most importantly, the bloggers of Howard County have helped me to see my community in a different light. It's as if there is a whole new side of a place I thought I knew. And I do think, since having found HoCoBlogs, I pay more attention to my community. 

Rock on, Bloggers of HoCo. You are super. So super you get your own letter.

B is for Bloggers in Howard County.


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  1. Good post, I hadnt heard of HoCo before now, so thanks for getting me onto something new. Look forward to more of your A to Z posts. :)

  2. HoCo has great blogs. We are fans especially of those that give us local news and reviews of food :)
    And I, of course, lurk the writing blogs ...
    One Writer's Mind

  3. B is for Bounty, much of which you've added to the hoco blog scene with your own style and voice.

  4. Great post and nice that it links our local community to this larger challenge.

  5. I've never been to a HoCo Blogging event, although I get the emails... Why can I put my life on the internet for the whole world to read but then I'm apprehensive about meeting people fact to face?

    Did you ever get up to Philly? I never sent you my recommendations.

  6. As a newbie to Howard County blogging it has been a fascinating experience to connect with an amazing group of folks. Looking forward to meeting bloggers at this week's get together.

  7. Amy, I do hope you'll come to one of the blogger parties. Many a blog-reader come too. http://elkridge-patch-blog-party.eventbrite.com/ If anything, I'd say more bloggers bite online more than they do in person ... :-)

  8. That's great that you have a local group. I'll have to check and see if there's one near me.

  9. When you start your posts off by number Mo, I want to be "53". See ya tomorrow!

  10. Thanks for the comments guys! For those of you local, hope to see you tomorrow!

    @ Amy - actually, I do kind of understand that. It's a little odd meeting "strangers" who read my blog, because they know something about me (even if it's just that I blog) and I might know little about them. But it's also really cool to connect faces and names, and to meet the great people who visit and comment. :)

    @ MM - That might be the 99-posts blogfest (99 blogger posts on the wall, 99 blogger-posts. Take one down, pass it around... OMG that blogfest would take FOREVER). :D

  11. @ Amy - Also, I haven't been up to Philly yet. Toward the end of May. :)