Well, hello there blog-fans.

I've been gone, I know. I'm sorry. SEE, what had HAPPENED was....

I got crazy busy. 

So here's what you (I? We?) missed:

1)  A to Z blogging challenge.  Sadly, as you can probably see, I didn't make it past "O" - for a couple of reasons, and not for failing to have anything to say about P-Z.  I think this challenge would have worked better if I'd taken March to write the posts, take pictures, and do them the way I wanted to. I didn't, and I'm not as organized as the awesome people who do manage to post every day. The result? Throwing together a half-way attempt that really... 

well... wasn't fun. 

And if it's not fun, what's the point?

I do, however, still have notes for P-Z.  They'll show up.  Probably when you LEAST suspect it.

2)  Food versus Food.  Tune in Friday. This should be a good one.

3)  2012 or Bust.  School's gotten busy.  I'm hoping to defend my thesis in the winter. I'll see what my committee says about that in a few weeks.  Hopefully not laughter.  Stay tuned. I predict that this will probably turn me into a hot mess over the next 9 months, but don't worry. If you happen to notice a twitch, try not to stare. Just buy me a cold one and remind me it will all be over soon.

4)  BLOGS - I missed you!  I now have some blog-reading time set aside and I'm slowly catching up (well... trying...)

5)  Philadelphia - I'm going. In 2.5 weeks. Staying on Broad Street. What should I do?  (I might,... have already scoped out restaurants... #priorities)

6)  Rock fish season has opened.  Matt went out fishing with our friend Bill and they snagged two gorgeous fish. The result? Pan-roasted rockfish.

That's right.


Pan Roasted Maryland Rock Fish

Method (hocofood@@@): 

Turn oven to 400dF. 

Clean fish, cut filets (we went about 6-8oz pieces), pat dry. Remove pin bones. Season with salt and pepper. 

Heat a few glugs of vegetable oil in a skillet that can go into the oven (medium to medium high heat). When the oil starts to shimmer, lay the filets in (splatter screens are good here). Take this opportunity to check if you seasoned both sides of the fish. No? Make it so.

Now, here's the important part. DO. NOT. TOUCH.  Let the fish cook for 4-6 minutes. Don't be afraid of the heat. Don't scoot the fish around.
Sorry, it was so good I didn't take the photo
until after I'd already dug in. SO tasty.

Flip. Your fish has achieved golden crunchy awesomeness. Put the whole pan into the oven.

Roast at 400 degrees until done (this will depend on the thickness of your filets and your degree of desired doneness). 

I served our fish (caught a mere 12 hours before) with basmati rice, green beans with salt, pepper, and butter, and a puree made from leftover sweet potatoes (seasoned with nutmeg, salt, smoked paprika, then blended with hot water, sour cream, and a little butter).



  1. Welcome back!!

    I've always wanted to catch something and then eat it. I'm jealous :)

  2. Philadelphia: Capogiro Gelato! The original is just east of Broad Street. The second is at Rittenhouse Square.

  3. @ Angela - thanks! It was awesome. :)

    @ Sarah - Thank you! I highly recommend a fishing charter this time of year, when the limit on rockfish is 1/person (28 inches or bigger). I was never big on fishing as a kid, though I'd go - catch and release - though I like it better now. I still prefer catching and keeping (when we reel in something that's legal to keep) because I know we'll use the fish. And the freshness is pretty awesome.

    @ HowChow - excellent, that's just a short walk from where I'm staying!