May Blogger Party!

Next Thursday, May 19th, is the May HoCoBlogs Party. If you live in Howard County (hocoblogs@@@) and you blog (or if you READ blogs like mine from the HoCo), you should definitely go.



There are stickers.

Blogger parties are extremely fun ways to put names and faces together. We're a friendly crowd (even when we're not hunched over our keyboards typing intently).

This month's blogger party is sponsored by the Howard County Library and Howard County General Hospital. I have blogged about HCGH "0" times, and the Libraries ">0" times -- however... HCGH offers outstanding, compassionate, professional care.  They're both awesome resources in our community and it's exciting that they're so interested in reaching out to that community through a platform like HoCoBlogs.

I hear there will be free food.

Finally, as if those reasons aren't enough, I will be there - and I will be having a drink to celebrate my PRE-WEDDING Anniversary! (the future Mr. SwimWriteRun may or may not be in attendance)

The HoCo Blogger Party is May 19, from 5:30p-7:30p at Union Jack's in Columbia.  You can RSVP here.

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  1. Hi Mo, Thanks for the shout-out re the upcoming blogger party. And how exciting that I may meet the future Mr. SwimWriteRun. ;-)