HoCo Blogger Party

Tonight was the HoCo Blogger Party at Second Chance Saloon

...and the Old Bay Wings were still tasty.

I got to shake the rust off of my Meeting People skills and hang out for a while. I had a really great time. It was fun to put faces to some of the blogs and columns I've been following, and everyone was very friendly.  I definitely didn't get to meet everyone there, but hopefully I'll get the chance at a future event.  

A quick summary -- I'm very sorry if I miss anyone, or if I've forgotten some names...

Thanks to Computer Blues and 53 Beers for hosting! It was really nice to meet and chat with Bill and his wife.

JessieX amazed me with her introductions and awesome ability to keep straight who blogs about what. Thanks for the beautiful cards. Did anyone write down/post the info to the charity she mentioned in the beginning of the meeting?

Awesome to meet some others from Patch - Brian Hooks from Savage-Guilford and TJ Mayotte from Elkridge.  TJ also has a great blog, 1000 Words.  And it's always great to hang out with David Greisman from Columbia Patch.

I briefly met Sarah from SarahSays, a blog that always features really interesting and thoughtful posts. I've been saying her name all wrong in my head, but I've got the pronunciation down now! :)

It was great to hang out with Meghan and Jilly.  Meghan is a writer and posts some of her awesome fiction on her blog.

I totally almost forgot my coat, even though Cindy warned me not to. Whoops! Did you know that she and Jeff were at CreateBaltimore with JessieX and a few other HoCo Bloggers?  Has anyone blogged about that? Sounded like a really cool event.

Nice to chat with Frank Hecker about the his multi-part posts on things HoCo - like the history of redistricting. I learn a lot from his blog.

Thanks to Amy @ Jefita for the tip about business cards. I'll be ready in February. :)  

I talked briefly with Thursday Bram, who's written some great docs about writing/blogging. Looking forward to seeing the next one.

Anna AKA Annethologie, hope to see you at a run in the future.  Good luck in the half, let me know how it goes?

Did you know that you can follow the HoCo Public Library on Twitter, Facebook, AND youtube?  (and maybe more places, but I got too excited to remember more)  Dennis and Donna at the HCPL are really nice, enthusiastic folks! I already love my public library, and it's nice to meet the people who enable my addiction to all things books. 

Good night everyone, please tune in tomorrow for the newest Food Versus Food


  1. It was great to meet you at the party! Once I get back into it, I do hope to see you out at a run sometime. Are you interested in co-hosting a fair-weather HocoBlogs party bagel run style, someplace where bagels and coffee can be consumed at some nice outdoor tables?

    The charity Jessie mentioned is the Tapalunga Foundation:

  2. Wow, I'm starting to feel the magic of what we're all co-creating, individually and together. First, I get these lovely write-ups from you, Mo, and Bill Woodcock http://bit.ly/hCZiWY and Brian Dunn http://bit.ly/fRfdjc ... and others. And then, when I was preparing to answer your Q, I see the answer has already been provided.

    So glad am I to see more local bloggers connecting. I'm really happy for you that you've connected with The Patch, and I hope you take Anne up on her offer to co-host a fair-weather party come spring/summer this year. Rock on. :-)

  3. @ Anne, that's a great idea! I'd definitely be interested in cohosting an event like that, we'll have to brain storm for locations. The question is.... should we make hocobloggers run for their bagels? ;)

    I don't have your email, would you mind shooting me a message? swimwriterun at gmail.com is good. Also, thanks for the link!

    @ Jessie, thanks for the mention in the writeup! It was great meeting you. I'm really happy to be in the hocoblogs community. :)

  4. Yay! We had a great time and I picked up an extra follower over at the Adventures, so it was totally worth it. And how can you not love a bar that serves Sam Adams pints for $2.50? Thanks for getting me on it - top night! :)

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