Well, hello 2011.

The last few days have been great.  

I ended 2010 with a chilly nine-ish mile run with some of the group.  The end was rough, but (or because?) we held a good pace for the first few miles.  Especially the first mile, gah.  Afterwards, showered, changed, and still shivering, I met Matt at Frank's DinerAfter breakfast, I crashed for a midday nap.  Awesome. 

We celebrated at my family's house (Happy Birthday Dad!) and then headed out to the Hamilton's for a quiet and fun NYE - great food, wonderful people.

Photo: Mike Upton
Oh yeah, and some really good drinks, including a St.- Germaine's Cocktail (var: lemon twist) and a (new-to-me) beer from Dogfish Head.

For a very detailed New Yorker article on Sah'Tea, go here.

I scored my bottle of Sah'Tea from the Dirty Santa party.  Since it said chai, I was expecting a darker brew with some strong spice.

Instead, it really reminded me of a Belgian wit or hefeweizen or something of that sort in appearance and smell, only it tasted stronger.  The beer had a nice golden color and an interesting smell - I got a lot of juniper, though it took me a while to place it.  We split the bottle between five or six people.  I don't know that I would want to drink more than the small glass I had, but it was pretty good.  

We didn't stay out too much later than midnight and had a lazy morning.  A lazy morning that included pancakes with real maple syrup from Trader Joe's.  Pancakes were thick, fluffy, and really tasty.

This look says "I have not yet had coffee. But I do have a spatula.
Back off with the camera."

We filled the rest of the day with quiet time and family.  It was a great way to start off 2011.

I'll be back to regularly scheduled blogging this week, hope you all had a safe and happy start to the new year!

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  1. Funny every time I see Matt he gives me that same look. Hmmmmm.

    Happy new year.