A list, and the snow day that isn't

In case you missed it... there's snow on the ground. Quite a lot more than I was led to believe earlier, for all the forecasts that said most of it would come this evening. There were 2+ inches on my car, and that was an hour before the winter storm warning officially began.

The drive to the lab was not fun. That's not even considering the fact that I was here late last night trying to fix a problem - roughly ten hours passed between when I locked the door and when I came back.

So, to put myself in a better mood and to start the day off right better, here's a list of 10 things that are awesome about the Snow Day That Isn't so far.

  1. The snow was really easy to brush off my car.
  2. I was able to stop for a hot cup of Dunkin coffee to go - and it was made the way I asked for it.
  3. When I walked from the garage to the lab, the precipitation was mostly snow. It's really nice to walk in the snow.
  4. There are a few people here. I had a spontaneous conversation with one dude by the elevator, he was pretty entertaining.
  5. The department ice maker is running really low for some reason, but because I'm in so early, I didn't have to fight for my ice.
  6. Since I'm the only one in the lab, I can listen to We're Alive while I work and not have to worry about the zombie sounds and screams disrupting my coworkers' concentration.
  7. I am wearing one of my favorite tee-shirts. If I'd stayed at home, I'd probably still be in my pajamas.
  8. At least one thing I left last night worked. I might be 3/3 by the end of the day.
  9. I have plenty of time to organize my desk. (I thought about posting a picture of the mess, but I don't want photo documentation...)
  10. Since I'll already be on the road, I can swing by the store and pick up some essentials on the way home.

Enjoy your snow day, and if you have to be out on the road, drive safely!


  1. Enjoy your snow day which clearly has a different definition than my snow day. I'm watching Mickey Mouse Club house with my kid and laying around in my PJs.

  2. That sounds like fun :) Hope you guys enjoy playing in the snow!

  3. I especially love it when the workplace is deserted and I can enjoy some quiet, or my own music.

  4. Anne, it was pretty nice! I was solo until almost ten. BTW, email coming! :)