"Mr. Watson, come here...

...I want you," said Alexander Graham Bell on January 25, 1915.

To which Watson replied, "Do you have any idea what time it is here?!?!"

Alright, I may have taken some artistic liberty in the re-enactment of the conversation. Today marks the anniversary of the first transcontinental telephone call. Amazing to think about now, in an age where calling around the globe or videoconferencing over the internet is more or less routine.

I wonder where we'll be in another hundred years*.

Somewhat ironically, I left my phone at home today. It's thrown me off a little, but at the same time, has been somewhat liberating.

We may get snow tonight and tomorrow - stop by the store for milk, bread, and TP. Then bring them all by my house, 'cause seriously, I'm almost out.

Happy Tuesday, everyone. 

*Barring destruction via global warming, Zombie Apocalypse, or the election of Sarah Palin to the presidency.

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  1. If you live in Ellicott City please feel free to snow shoe it over to my house, I've got 6 gallons of milk. Of course, I have that much milk any week of the year (at least right after Costco day). There's plenty of bread and tp, too.