The Bucket List Blog Fest!

Hooray! It's TIME!

For what, you ask?

The Bucket List BlogFest, of course!

For this Blog Fest, Blog-Fest-ers (Festoons?) were meant to come up with an 'ultimate list' of things they want to do. That list could be big-picture like life goals, or focused on something related to their blog/topic of interest. 

And since I somehow edited left out the recommendation for five items in both promo posts (whoops!), people have complete freedom over their list. :) The only rule was to post their blog to the Mr. Linky Widget below.

You can find a list of participants below!

Now, on to my 5.  These are not listed in order of priority...

1. Spend a month in one of the following places: Provence, France; Sardinia, Italy; and Istanbul, Turkey.
These are all places where, when I see pictures or hear about them, I realize I want to do nothing more but go there, eat, drink, and wander. I like travel shows, but something struck me as special in each place. I would like to take a few weeks, rent an apartment or something, and find out what that is.

2. Write novels that other people want to read.
Writing is solitary, and it's difficult. Really, I know I can only write for myself... it's impossible to do otherwise. Still, I want people to read my work. Oh, yeah. An Oprah Book Club Sticker would be nice, too. Maybe that can be #6.

3. Grow a family.
I kinda debated putting this one in here, and I wasn't sure how to word it - in part because it's so personal, but also because I have a great family, one that includes mine and Matt's. Still, I'll eventually be ready to ignore the ominous warnings of my sometimes frustrated mother during my childhood: "someday, you'll have kids just like you, and then you'll understand!" 

4. Retire to a beach house in the Outer Banks.
Maybe not a wise plan with global warming and "rising sea levels", but I love the OBX. I'd love to buy a small beach house down there and, when it's finally time to stop working, disappear there for a while.

5. Run a 100-miler.
Actually, the ultimate goal stemmed from a desire to run Badwater. I've read about it and, as horrible as it sounds... my interest was piqued. But since the chances of me getting in are slim, a 100-miler seems like a seriously formidable challenge to tackle in the coming years.

Thanks for reading my list, I look forward to reading the great entries below! 


  1. oh my god, the number three thing: my mom says the EXACT same thing to me all the time! and as much as i want to have kiddies of my own, the idea that they'll be anywhere near as bad as me really dulls the appeal :P
    provence, sardinia and istanbul all sound wonderful! im kinda more into traveling the whole world, though.
    lovely list, sam! :)

  2. Growing a family is a good one. You already have dogs so that's a step in the right direction. Global warming MAY in pack your retirement plans but at least there'll be more water to swim in.

    Thanks for hosting the fun.

  3. Wow, we have very similar bucket lists! And I can only wish I'd have kids as easy as me- I'm actually terrified I'll wind up with a clone of my sister or my husband's sister! Hel-lo tantrums!

  4. Our lists are very similar! I definitely feel you on the Italy thing. But I want to see the entire country! And family...yeah, that's a big one.

    Thanks for hosting this awesome fest!

  5. Great list! :D I have posted my entry too :)

  6. Great list. These are amazing. I'm not sure I could imagine running 100 miles but that is awesome.

  7. I could probably drive 100 miles ... :)

    It was fun to read your list! I'll say this about the family - yes, it's hard. It's harder than you ever imagined. But it's also more joyful and rewarding than you could ever imagine, so there are definite pluses on that side of the equation. Don't know if that's helpful or makes it more freaky. :)

  8. Best job I've had so far? Being a parent. Also the hardest, by far. But the most rewarding. I highly recommend completing that Bucket List task!

  9. Nice list- maybe everyone should update in a year and we see if anything has been checked off, changed, or advanced toward. Thanks for hosting!

  10. Growing a family sounds like cloning is involved in some fashion. Retirment on the Outer Banks sounds great.

  11. @ Aleeza & Gina - haha, it took me a while to come to terms with the risk, too. ;)

    @ Erinn - You're welcome! Maybe I will buy a not-quite-seaside home and watch my investment grow.

    @ Meika - You're welcome! And you're right, in reality I probably wouldn't limit it to just one place. :)

    @ Carrie - thanks! I'm not sure either, but I'll work up to it :)

    @ Tristi & Jeanmarie - Thanks :)

    @ TeeJay - You're welcome, and great idea! Blogfest II: return of the Bucket List.

    @ Dan - Well, I am most way to "Mad Scientist"... ;)

  12. Running 100 miles! Yikes. About growing a family - I have been paid back 3-fold for the sins of my childhood! It's inevitable, just embrace it!

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  14. 100-miler? Jeez...:/

    Thanks for hosting this blogfest! I had fun making my list and reading everyone else's! :)

  15. Why not all three places?! Read Eat Pray Love. You'll book one of your trips within a week. Seriously. It's that contagious.

    Good luck with your running, and thanks for hosting this blogfest. Tons and tons of fun!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  16. Thanks for hosting this blogfest, Mo! You've got a great list. I love OBX, too, although the hurricanes are a little scary. They've mostly been sideswipped by hurricanes over the last few years, but they're due for a big one! Let's hope not for a long, long time though!

  17. I loved your goals! And it's always worth spending time in Europe and anywhere on the beach! I missed this blogfest, but I might just go write out my top five anyway.

  18. Great list. I would love living somewhere in Europe for a month.

    Thanks for hosting BTW.

  19. Thanks for the inspiration! I will post my list soon too!


  20. I love how profound your list is... you definitely know what you want out of life! My list is just for this summer haha! Best of luck with everything (: