Don't forget about the A to Z blogging challenge coming up in April - you can click on the icon in the sidebar to sign up! I'll be doing my HoCo-centric posts at 9pm every evening. Bonus points to anyone who can guess what topic I'll be covering each day!

With the exception of food v. food (which will resume Apr 8), A to Z will take up much of my normal blogging schedule. This is kind of a deviation from the original plan, but unfortunately I'm finding myself with less time to tap away on blogger these days.

Speaking of food... I'll be in DC shortly for a conference at the Washington Convention Center. Any suggestions for tasty affordable eats? 

Did you attend the Aquatics Master Plan Meetings last night and tonight? I missed both, would love to hear thoughts (blogs, etc).

Halfway through the week! Good bye, Wednesday!


  1. I think the A to Z Challenge is really just that - a big challenge. I have been working on my posts for more than a week. I haven't had as much time to do regular blog stuff. In fact, I am starting to get alittle nervous.

  2. Maybe you can get some inspiration from or do some entries around those beautiful photos you take? I hope it's going ok!

    I'm trying to keep mine shorter than average, especially since I'm sitting down to write 2-3 at a time.

  3. I recommend Chop't for good food near the Convention Center. :)

  4. Hi Mo, re the Aquatics Master Plan, I'd suggest -- but can't promise -- that you stay tuned to Columbia Compass / Bill Santos. He was at the first event and, as you probably know by now, doesn't always blog a lot, but does blog with depth and thoughtfulness few others match. Also, on CA's aqua plan website will be posted the presentation of info for the data junkies in the house.