CA Aquatics Master Plan

Next week - on Tuesday evening at The Other Barn and on Wednesday evening at The Hawthorne Center - Columbia Association's Aquatics Department will be holding Master Planning meetings. The purpose of these meetings is, essentially, to involve the community in the future of CA Aquatics. (my paraphrasing, the website says it better) (hocoblogs@@@)

There's even a video. And a flyer.

Now... to get some disclosures out of the way... I help train CA lifeguards. I am not connected to the Master Plan meeting, or the Master Plan, and this blog post (actually, my entire blog) contains my own opinions and thoughts and not that of CA/CA Aquatics or any past or present employers.

There, I think I covered all the bases. Whew.

Anyway, my opinion is this: you should go to a meeting.  And if you can't get to either meeting, check with the website and look for a recap of the discussion. Send your input to Aquatics. Let your voice be heard.

It's my opinion that access to pools is one of the many things that makes Columbia special. This isn't necessarily a 'luxury.' Access to a pool allows kids to get involved more easily in what's a life-saving skill. Swimming is a rewarding and healthy sport. It builds confidence and friendships, and activity - something that's really needed these days, what with global obesity rates.

2008 Obesity Rates in USA
From Epidemiology of Obesity.
Picture from WikiMedia Commons.
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As a kid, I spent huge chunks of my summers at the pools. There was a community there - I had pool friends, did summer swim team things, etc. My best friend today is someone I met through CA Aquatics years ago. 

So is my nemesisHmm. Take note. ;)

Anyway, the Master Plan meeting is an opportunity to help the Aquatics department make sure that this fantastic resource is serving the community. Even if you've rarely used the pools in the past, consider going - tell them what you want to see, that would make you want to use the pool more frequently. And consider changing that pattern anyway. It's never too late, just take it one lap at a time!


  1. Muchas gracias, seƱorita, not just for the post and announcement, but the bigger picture take on swimming, life skills and health! Here's a Spanish-language announcement re the event - http://patch.com/E-dWBZ

    And, I don't know if you saw this, but here is the "media resources" page http://www.columbiaassociation.org/aquaticsmasterplan/media_resources.cfm

  2. Hey Mo, if you know anyone who'd be a good fit here, will you let them know about this position - http://columbia.patch.com/announcements/ca-seeking-members-for-columbia-aquatics-master-plan-task-force ~ thanks!

  3. Hey Mowrite!

    Thanks for the thoughtful post on the Aquatics Master Plan. CA will host another set of public meetings October 11th and 12th to discuss information compiled from national aquatics experts, community comments, and draft alternative futures that are for review and edits. Here is a link to the Eventbrite invitation where you can register for one of the meetings: http://aquatics-master-plan-public-meeting.eventbrite.com/. We hope to see you there!