I didn't really omit this on purpose. I just sort of... remembered... on Tuesday morning.

NaNoEdMo has begun!

What is NaNoEdMo you ask? Aside from a really cool name for a future rock band (I'll manage), NaNoEdMo is National Novel Editing Month. Participants commit to editing 50 hours for the month of March - that's something like 1.67 hours/day. I'll be tracking my progress using a handy spreadsheet a writing friend made, and posting updates once a week or so.

Most of my editing will be on my NaNoWriMo novel from last year. I went back to it a few weeks ago and did a read through and made some notes. I'm still really psyched about it, although I know it needs a ton of work. This is a great opportunity to focus on some of that.

I also plan to revisit 2 short stories that need major work, and to finish going through a manuscript sent out by a member of my writing group. 

All in all, it should be a busy month! (...I might.. already.. sorta be playing catchup. Oh well!)

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  1. I'm doing EdMo too, I forgot about it too until March 4th :D