Guest Post: I haz it.

I have a guest post, y'all!

Someone actually was willing to publish my opinion(s) on her blog. That someone is author (and runner!) LM Stull. She said I could rant talk about whatever writing-related topic I chose - struggles/successes, books, reading, whatever.

I wrote about dialogue. Specifically, how I struggle with it and some things that have made it easier (or at least, seemed to help).

I also talk about what I learned from the Greatest Worst Movie Ever, "The Room."

Check out LM Stull's blog here. It's a great blog, with author interviews, guest posts, short fiction, and writing-related topics.


  1. I ended up here via twitter after reading your guest post and now, after watching that youtube clip, I have this crazy urge to watch the movie. That IS horrible. I wonder if netflix has it. By the way, congratulations on your guest post. =)

  2. Welcome, glad to meet you! :) You should definitely watch The Room (although I take no responsibility for the urge to do violence to someone after you sit through it ;) ). I love bad movies, and this one is truly in a class of its own.

  3. The Room is pretty awesome in terms of horrific dialogue. And acting. And, um, everything.