Divorced, beheaded...

I used to say, I don't watch a lot of TV, but that's not entirely true.

We don't have cable - or even broadcast channels. For a long time, we were never home to watch TV, and while the house has an antenna, it's broken somewhere and fixing it seemed like too much trouble.

We do have Netflix, however. So when we watch TV - say.... on a spare eight hours on a Saturday... -- we watch the "watch it now" via our TV.

I'm constantly 1-2 seasons behind any remotely popular show.  This is OK, even if it means I have one less thing to talk about at parties.

"Hey, do you think Jim and Pam are EVER going to get married?"

We just started watching The Tudors. It reminds me a lot of other series I've enjoyed - Rome, Deadwood, Carnivale - only I'm slightly more familiar with the history and the story. 

I like that it's very visually striking, that it feels gritty and a little more real than other pieces. 

I dislike some of the bizarre, creepy, and/or exposition-y dialogue that they have to [choose to?] interject to make the character motivations and backstory clear.

I'm willing to look the historical inaccuracies so far.

I'm really interested in some of the side characters that to this point (Ep 7) have only remote connection to the key storyline - sometimes moreso than Henry, Anne, Wolsey, and even Thomas More.

What are you watching on your TV?  Leave your suggestions (but no Tudor spoilers - I'm hoping everyone lives) in the comments below.


  1. I"m LOVING Pawn Stars and An Idiot Aboard. I think I might even blog about them next week

  2. I just discovered something wonderful - the library as all the really inappropriate premium channel series on DVD. I've been catching up on Weeds since we haven't had Showtime in a few years. I don't know why - but it never occurred to me that the library would have a show about the fun sexy side of drug trafficking. Glee is a new favorite right now, too. I didn't start watching Glee until a third of the way through the this (the second season) - so I've been catching up on that from the library, too.

  3. I just started watching the American version of "Being Human" and I'm kind of loving it. They're available online to watch, too, which is nice for catching up (it's only two episodes in, though).

  4. @ Erinn - Oh you should! I'll have to look for them.

    @ Wendi - I'm slowly working my way through the first season of Weeds, too, I really like it :) It didn't occur to me that the library would stock it, though! Thanks for the tip.

    @ Meghan - online is good, I like things I can watch on my own time :)