Holidays + Zombie Apocolypse = ....

I had originally intended to continue the look forward to 2011 (literally. Time travel will work. I found how on the Internets.), but then I discovered some vital information on Slice of the Blog Pie.

Good thing, too, because I have some cooking and baking left to do this holiday season.  I would have been woefully unprepared without this instructional video.  I'm reposting it here, so you can learn too. And remember - knowing is half the battle.

Children with machine guns*$ is apparently the other half.

A Very Zombie Holiday (thanks to Slice of the Blog Pie for posting!)

* Please do not give your children machine guns** for Little Christmas. If you have already purchased them, just send them to me.
$ This gift may require advance planning

** Do you have any idea the kinds of sites that come up when you type a question about ATF sales restrictions into google?  Srsly.  People feel passionately about their right to fire small projectiles at high speeds.***

***Why are you still reading foot notes?  Pay attention! The Internets are leaking!

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