2011, Part I: Races/Training.

Yeah... it is cold out there.
After the recap post from 12/26, I've been thinking a lot about changes. Goals.  Things I can hold up as motivation on mornings like today, when I sat in my car outside the Athletic Club, hunched over a mug of green tea while the wind whipped around my car and I wondered why I hadn't stayed in bed.

It's all about the motivation.  

That, and I wanted to test out my shiny new New Balance jacket.  I was kind of toasty once we hit mile 3.

That having been said, I've picked three major goals to carry me through the year:

I.  PR on a half marathon, shooting for sub-1:45:00.
  • Why:  I really think I can do this.  I ran just-barely-sub-eights at the Army 10-miler, and that was with tired legs.  All I have to do is the same for three more miles.  Plus, my first attempt will be at National, which is also fairly flat.
  • How: Mostly, I'm just going to try and keep up with team Duzy, and anyone else who usually dusts me on the long runs.  If that doesn't work, I will add some speed/track workouts before my second try.
  • When: National Half/Marathon is March 26, 2011.

II.  Complete the 4- or 5-mile distance at Swim For Life
  • Why: I did 4.4 in the Bay last June, and it was a perfect day.  I'd like to try a similar distance in a river, where the current and chop will be different.  This is a small and very laid-back event, and the proceeds go to a great cause.  My focus will be on completion, not speed.
  • How: Attend masters' consistently 2-3x/week through March, and then gradually add long swims on Monday mornings (working up from 2 miles)
  • When: The 2011 date has not been released, but probably sometime in July.

III.  Run my second marathon.
  • Why: Baltimore Marathon was a great race, partly because of the time but mostly because it was just fun.  I'm trying to adjust my expectations because I know there will never be another First Marathon... but I'd like to try another, working more consistently on my training plan to see if I can get the same result.
  • How: Maintain a 20-25 miles/week base through May, and then begin building up for three to four long runs (18-21 miles each).  PS: come keep me company. Plz?
  • When: The Marine Corps Marathon on Oct 30, 2011.  If I can get in.  Don't worry, I have a backup.

Of course, there will be other events.  Here's my current race calendar:
Shoe Donation after Warrior Dash 2010.
Tough Mudder will be messier.

What will you be training for in 2011? Any suggestions? Tell me in the comments below!


  1. National Half? Hope that's not the Suntrust in DC....not really so flat according to Robin and my running friends!! Otherwise, good selection of races!

    My goal - I have 2 half marathon's planned, but am looking to log 1,000 miles in 2011!!!

  2. My goal? Walk and stay out of hospitals and rehab.