Ghost of Christmas-- zOMG!!!

I try to get my workouts in during the early morning, before work.  Really early.  Waking at 4:45am early.  

Getting up at that hour does take some adjustment.

It took me about three months to get on a consistent schedule, where I wasn't sleeping through the alarm.  This requires a few things...

  • Consistency... when I'm training regularly, I get up by 8 even on the weekends.
  • An early bedtime... to prevent Mo-Zombie mode. (like a normal zombie, only instead of brains I want "sleeeeep...")
  • Packing ahead... to cut down on the amount of thinking I have to do in the early morning hours.
I cut back the frequency of my workouts after the marathon, and recently returned to my normal schedule. Because I've failed in consistency (currently re-establishing the pattern) and the early bedtime (this also requires an adjustment in habit), for the last week or two the zombie-ness has been a little worse.  

But I found an unexpected cure last Friday.

When the alarm went off on Friday, I forced myself out from under the toasty heating blanket, into the chill, and stumbled into the hall. No one else was awake, which was good, because I was more or less incapable of speech. 

I shuffled toward the dark office, where my clothes were laid out. The bathroom light was the only light on, and it partially illuminated the hallway. There was barely enough light to see in the next room. All was quiet.

This is what I saw.

Remember the part about not being able to form words?  I'm pretty sure the sound I made was not a word.  Or words.

After about two and a half seconds of abject terror, which rocketed me out of the 'sleeeeeeep' mode and into the 'where's the nearest blunt object mode' I realized that it was Bob.

This is Bob.

Yes, he has a name.  

Bob is Matt's training dummy for Thai boxing.  I was unaware that Bob did laundry as well (or at least, sheet drying), but now I know.

On the bright side, I was very awake for the day's swim set.

Maybe I can talk him into packing my gym bag as well.

Happy Holidays from SwimWriteRun (and Bob).

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