Cold winter days, Colds, and... yeah.

I can't quite deal with the cold.

It's always like this.  I'm not a winter person, even though I like snow.  It's not actually the driving, I can handle my car in the snow. It's not the shoveling.  

It's the cold, the feeling that I'm not going to be warm again until May.

My strategy for dealing with the cold has evolved and grown.  I used to layer.  I still layer. For the last week at work, I've taken to wearing fingerless gloves (for the sitting at the computer part, not the Science part), a scarf, and even a poofy vest (thanks Target).  At home, things get more intricate.

For example, I own a Slanket.

Full Disclosure: I ceaselessly mock the Snuggie commercials.  I do this for two reasons.  The one time I wore a Snuggie, I didn't really want to move.  The material was so cheap I was convinced a spark of static would ignite the fabric and turn me into the human torch.  But mostly, I mock the Snuggie for the commercials and spinoff products.

My Slanket is a nice, heavy fleece.  I like to wrap myself up in it, and then crawl beneath another blanket.  That's item number two, a down throw blanket from Target.  I twist around until I've got a personal cocoon.

Other items in my anti-winter arsenal include down socks (sorta like these - they're amazing) and an electric blanket.

I am a native Marylander, by the way.  

For all these things, though, the most effective way to combat the cold this week has been through food.  I don't mean prepping to hibernate.  I mean good, cold weather food.  It's been a really busy few days and I wasn't feeling well for most of them.  Last week, Matt threw together some crockpot chili.  It was awesome to walk in the door after a long day and smell slow-cooked chili.  He did a great job.

To the right, chili with sour cream and cheese, over rice. To the left, bulldog that wants to know where his chili is.

Caramel Cream ale - Homebrew, courtesy of our dwindling stores.  Look how clear it is!

Oooo. Shiny.

And of course, I can't forget the baking.  There are big plans in the works to do a day of cookies this weekend, but tonight I couldn't resist starting pumpkin bread with chocolate chips.  Here's a picture through the oven door, about half-way through.

The whole house smells like pumpkin bread!

How are you staying warm?  Or are you glad the cold is here?  Tell me all about it in the comments below.


  1. I don't leave my house and I bundle up with blankets and stuff. I spend a lot of time staying very still and dreaming of moving to a warmer place.

  2. We have two Slankets. Love them.

    We use microwavable rice packs before going to bed similar to hot water bottles, but with less danger of spillage. They're so cozy.

  3. Being a native New Englander, I'm usually okay with cold. But those first few weeks of winter, when November moves into December and the temperature takes that sudden plunge, I freeze. It takes me a couple of weeks to get used to it and I spend a lot of that time chattering my teeth under blankets and thermal underwear (seriously, it's amazing). Fleece socks, wicking undershirts, and sweaters. Lots and lots of scarves and hats, too.

  4. I hate the cold with a passion. Really the only reason we are still here and not in Florida is I like my friends and they seem (or at least act like) to like me. Speaking of Florida that is my cure. For the third year in a row leaving this cold place and spending a few days in the warm tropical Florida, too bad last year was the coldest Florida on record....I really just can't win. I have to layer as well since my classroom is an ice box. I linger in the hallway even after the bell has rung just to stay warm a little longer....

  5. @ Erinn and Cindy - when you move to said Warm Place, I will reside on your floor from December through February :D

    @ Sarah - Ooooh, microwave rice packs are a good idea!

    @ Meghan - We didn't have much time for 'adjustment' this past week, so I know what you mean :) I will have to check out the thermal sleep duds!