Flash + Mob = Fun


There was a flash mob at the Columbia Mall tonight.

And who was there?  This girl.

And about three hundred other people. 

All of whom were enthusiastic, energetic, and really nice. What a great community. (hocoblogs@@@)

The Flash Mob's already hit the airwaves courtesy of HoCoMoJo (who in part organized the event), HoCoRising, A Tale of Two Cities, and Columbia Patch. (Full Disclosure... I wrote the account for the Columbia Patch. David caught the great video)

I'll add in more links as they come out, to the bottom of the post.

To my surprise, I found out this was not the first time Columbia had been flash mobbed. How had I missed the Michael Jackson tributes of 2009??

I do have to say, the experience was pretty awesome. Thank you so much to Erinn at Something Else to Distract Me for spreading the word, I had a great time with her and Cindy at Thoughts From a Swimmer

And of course, thanks to the organizers of this event - Pam Land and and Sally Livingston from HCPSS, and the Bittners from HoCoMoJo.

Cindy, Erinn, and Mo at the rehearsal for the Flash Mob Event of 2010.

HoCoMoJo's Video of the flash mob

Updated links (12/24):

  • Check out the preview post on Something Else to Distract Me. And here's her full recap - great breakdown of the whole event.
  • HoCoRising does a nice recap post along with Thursday Links.
  • Conversation about the flash mob with a bystander (and Queen Anne's Pretzels) on Tale of Two Cities.

Did you see the flash mob? Did you participate? Tell me about it in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for spending the evening with us last night. Great piece for The Patch too. It was incredibly gratifying to have so many people cross this off their bucket list.

    Happy new year!

  2. Thank you, Ilana! Have a wonderful holiday :)