Wednesday Weeklies

Hey everyone, here are some highlights from the week and points of interest for the upcoming weekend...


Did you know that Ellicott City hosts a literary pub crawl on the first Thursday of each month?  Me neither!  More info here.

Don't forget the Howard County Library's holiday music Coffeehouse on Dec 2.  Are you a musician yourself? Register in advance with Jean Salkeld at 410.313.7766. 

This weekend is Breakfast with Santa at the Columbia Mall.  I remember going to these as a kid when they were held at Woodward & Lothrop.  It was awesome, and instilled in me a deep love of pancakes rolled up and stuffed with apple filling.  Now it's held at the Nordstrom Cafe, at a cost of $10/person, proceeds to benefit the Howard Hospital Foundation.

Saturday, the Supreme Sports Club will be holding an 'Iron Fitness Challenge' - 140.6 minutes of activity. The breakdown is 20 min swim, 80 min bike, 40.6 min run = 140.6 min.  (Full disclosure: I teach lifeguarding for the Aquatics Department at Columbia Association)  (Second Full Disclosure: although this seems like a cool event, I'll probably just do Bagel Run)

On December 4th and 5th, consider attending an art show to benefit the Ulman Cancer Fund.  View the work of local artists.  RSVP 410-461-3400 or email dulman at connext dot net or cherylduvall at mac dot com. 

The Columbia Orchestra will be performing an event called "Earth and Sky" at the Rouse theater in Columbia on December 4.  For more info and ticket prices, check out their site.  I've seen them several times and they're really good.

Just in case you need more arts, the Columbia Pro Cantare group will be performing Handel's Messiah at Rouse theater the next evening, Sunday December 5, at 7:30pm.

The Columbia Jewish Association is holding a Latke Potluck and Auction on Tuesday, Dec 7. Click here for more info.  Can we say... yum?


C2.0 covers Ken Ulman's plan to transform the county.  Recap and video available.  Also, HoCoRising listened to Ulman's weekend Q&A.

HoCoRising also points out that the economy is on everyone's mind, and HoCo is not immune.  Sarah at Sarah Says posted an interesting recap and analysis of a discussion on the federal deficit. 

Sarah also recaps her CSA experience.  I'm really hoping Matt and I do a split-share in a CSA for 2011.

HowChow mentions bubble tea at Ichiban Cafe, a place in Columbia that just opened.  As I understand it, they offer free WiFi, so this is a spot I've been eyeing for writing later in the month.  Look forward to trying it!

Did you know that Merriweather Post Pavilion ranks in the top three venues in the world?  A shame that Jimmy Buffet doesn't play there anymore.  Check out the story on Patch.

Erinn re-posts an entry about holiday decorating, something we've not even begun to do (but we are doing!  See future post.)

Finally, Cindy posted about her Marathon experiences on Thoughts from a Swimmer.  It was so awesome that they're looking forward to Shamrock fest in 2011!  The highlights, particularly about how they ran it together, are a really nice read.

Post-Black-Friday, enjoy your holiday shopping.  Don't forget to look for the generic and/or scary holiday presents out there.

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