Year In Review...

"You don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been."

I looked for the original source for this quote, and came up with the following: cliche, 'old saying', 'they', and even Will Smith as 'Hitch' (though, unfortunately, I couldn't verify that).

Like crop circles or the origin of that plate of cookies in the conference room... just because I don't know where it comes from, doesn't make it less relevant/interesting/delicious.

Accumulation of food in said conference room.  Winter, 2010.

Cliche or not... this time of year, it makes sense to look back at what I've accomplished before I sit down and decide where I want to go.

2010 was a year with significant personal struggle.  I've never had one this hard.  I made bad decisions, which I am learning to live with, and good decisions, for which I am thankful every day. 

But there were plenty of highlights.

I learned that I could, in fact, make goals and stick to them.  I drafted my second novel, and this time I'm actually excited about the rewrite. I began free-lance writing, and sort of learned to play acoustic guitar (or at least, learned that I really like it). I discovered a new aspect to a community that I've lived in for years.

Great Chesapeake Bay Swim
June 2010.
I swam across the Bay, 4.4 miles.  I had a whole lot of fun during my first marathon, finishing quite close to my goal time, and then crushed my 10-miler personal best the following weekend.  

I presented at a national conference and spent a couple of days in California on my own, which was cool, as I'd never been there before (flying through LAX doesn't count). 
View from the Conference Center in Anaheim, CA.
April 2010
Muscle Beach - Venice, CA.
Was awesome to see Mike, a friend from college, too.
April 2010.

Best. Tacos. Evar. At a roadside stop en route to Santa Barbara.
April 2010.
The Mission at Santa Barbara
April 2010

There are some things I did not do.  I did not submit a short story for publication.  I did not open an IRA.  I did not sell my motorcycle (speaking of which... interested?).  I neglected my poor road bike.  

Matt and I. Getting some perspective, 
some fish... and maybe a nap... 
on Little Yah. (Saint Mary's River, Summer, 2010)

I learned to look forward - the importance of forgiving and moving on.  I was reminded of things I used to know... that people come in to our lives to teach us something, and that lessons we don't learn will, in fact, be repeated.  That instinct is a valuable tool that should not be ignored.  I made peace with the fact that, at times, I will fail; however, I also realized that I have the power to decide, at the beginning of my day, that I should go for the win.

I learned the importance of proper hydration the whole week before a 20 mile run.  The hard way.  That sometimes there will just be bad runs.  And that good training partners are awesome.

I discovered how fun it is to run through the mud with the man I love (aka, the owner of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree).  I look forward to everything with him.

Matt and I at Warrior Dash in PA, Oct 2010. 

Snuggling with Mutts, Fall 2010.

The end of the year finds most of the family happy and healthy, and even though the last few weeks have been a bit rough for Matt's family, things are looking up.  I am grateful for every member of my family, and appreciative of the friends who have shared joy and support throughout the year.  Those special people make me all the more excited for 2011.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hanging out with the Hamiltons on their boat Oh, Yah!
Saint Mary's River, along with Matt, Cindy, and Jeff.
Labor Day Weekend, 2010 (Photo: Cindy)
Ready for 2011.... right after this nap!
Christmas Day, 2010


  1. "You don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been."

    Why the hell would you want to go where you're going? That ruins all the fun in getting there!

  2. OMG you are awesome!! Swimming across the Chesapeake Bay!

    Sounds like a good year, even if you had struggles. Happy new year!

  3. I'm impressed with that swim and the run! Not something just anyone would attempt to do.

    Happy New Year! And if you have another as full of adventure, you could have a pretty interesting life!