Tapping the Kegs at Frisco Tap House

Frisco Tap House opens at a new address: 6695 Dobbin Road Columbia MD 21045

Last night was the first 'official' night that Frisco Tap House (formerly Frisco Grille) opened for dining in Columbia (hocoblogs@@@).

Frisco Grille has always been one of those neighborhood gems - tasty, cheap food, and an incredible (and more importantly, rotating) beer selection.  Sure, sometimes I would forget about it, tucked away in the Standford Road shopping center, but then when I did remember it was discovery all over again.

Well, no more.

Frisco Tap House has opened just a few blocks away from the old site, directly off Dobbin Road (6695 Dobbin Road).  The new place features a bright sign (see above), a sleek, modern, and spacious interior, and the comforts of the menu I know and love.

Mmm. Chorizo Burrito with everything.  Paired great with a Rogue Dead Guy Ale.
I got there around five, scored a spot out front, and found myself in the bar with maybe half a dozen other people.  It filled up quickly, however.  I caught interesting snippets from my seat at the bar.

"We have six menus."

"Did they throw out the high chairs?"

"The kitchen is OPEN!" (I was relieved)

They only had a handful of beers on tap, but the huge 50-tap setup still looked impressive.  And never fear - the flat screen TVs with scrolling beer lists are still in place, although they weren't working smoothly.

Just a few of the working taps they had on hand when I arrived.
The menu looks exactly the same, although if Frisco chooses to go in a different direction (the video pre-tour said pizza?) I fully support that.  As long as they keep the guac.  Mmmm.  Guac.

I do have a few thoughts...

There's not enough parking.  Maneuvering my tiny car (Honda Fit tiny) out of that front space was far scarier than it should have been, because people parked along the edge of the lot.  Half of our group had to park across the street.  The lots were crowded at 5, when the restaurant was empty, probably because of the other businesses.  If they hope to draw the crowds the space seems to expect, this might be an issue.

There are only two stalls in the ladies' room, and just from looking, when the changing table is in use, the adult standing in front of it blocks the door to the handicap stall.  Picky?  Yes.  But it's... one of those design things that could have been better thought out.

Outdoor seating area?  Not yet, obviously, but I hope they set one up when the weather warms up.

Cool feature: there was an outlet on the wall about head-level with our table (I think the booth on one side interfered with the plug).  Potential for an informal business meeting spot? or a writing group? Um... yes! Bonus points for that detail.  I wonder if they have WiFi.

Finally, although the 50-tap system is cool, I wonder if it's going to affect the quality of the beer.  Sometimes large number of taps means the lines are cleaned less often.  Since Frisco has in the past rotated their selection pretty steadily and they have a lot of know-how behind their beer, I'm not sure that they'll have this problem.  I am curious if they will slow their rotation down with so many offerings.

I'm really psyched for the new place - Frisco Grille was a great restaurant, and the Tap House seems to bring the same friendly character with a shiny, modern setting.  We'll definitely be back, and you should check it out too!.

While you're at it, check out the Baltimore Beer Guy's post about Opening NIght.  And if you've been to Frisco Tap House or plan to go, leave one in the comments below!

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