Brief Intermission...

It was a crazy weekend - crazy busy, not crazy Weekend At Bernies. The next few days will be just as busy. So while I have no shortage of things to blog about... I'll probably be off the radar for a few more days.

Until then... some stuff.

NaNoEdMo has gotten off to a slow start. Here's my progress as of Day 6. See the dark blue line? The sad looking one? Yeah... that's me. The few hours I have logged have not been focused on a single work. I feel like I should have gotten more today, but I feel weird about logging work stuff.

This might be, in part, due to some misspent time....

Pawn Stars is a great show - seriously, I know it must be somewhat staged but it's amazing what these guys know.

Still, I have questions...
  • These people go in there and take a hit because the pawn shop has to be able to find a niche market for many of the items. In this day and age of the internet... WHY?
  • How does one not notice the Made In USA stamp on the "original" French art?
  • How much of that money actually leaves Vegas?
  • Does anyone ever mess with Antoine?
Speaking of distractions...

Bucket List Blogfest is coming up - sign up today!

What else...

I made this for dinner last night. It also makes an excellent breakfast.

Pizza with fennel, pancetta, mozz, cheddar, and 1/2 with red onion.
Yes, breakfast. Don't judge.

I'll be at the Biophysical Society's annual meeting this week. I saw someone there today with something very much like this. I still am not quite sure what to say about that. I wish I had stopped and asked her about it.

Happy Monday folks. See you in a few days.


  1. WOW you covered a LOT of material in this POST. I LOVE pawn stars. I might have a little crush on Rick.
    I've got 7 hours in for nanoedmo. I've been reading bluff.
    I'm hoping to get to New York Karma this week. But I sort of want write for real.

  2. I understand :) I've got a few ideas that have been kicking around in my head since.. well... March 1.