Tough Mudder/WWP

It's nearly March!  March is a great month.  I was born in March.  Saint Patrick's Day is in March, as is Mardi Gras.  There's March Madness and Free IHOP Pancakes.  The weather usually gets crazy around this time of year (you know, the whole in like a lamb, out like a lion thing), but spring is right around the corner.  

This year, March 1 (tomorrow!) marks the start of my fundraising effort for the Wounded Warrior Project. So I want to take a break from the usual SwimWriteRun programming to make a request...

In October, Matt and I will be participating in Tough Mudder, Virginia. The 7 mile mud run features 17 obstacles... many of which look crazy-challenging. There are some videos on our seldom-updated Team SFM blog (see the tabs at the top of SwimWriteRun).

As a team, we're raising funds to support the Wounded Warrior Project. This organization does really important work to support and empower injured service members.  

If you're able and willing to make a contribution to the WWP through Team SFM, you can do so via our event fundraising page. I'll be posting updates about training and our event prep periodically, and we'd love support via comments, etc, as well! 

Thanks for reading. 

Blog will resume regular programming tomorrow.

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  1. I just watched one of the on site video's about this event - OMG. Ha! The option to donate was right down my alley. I am also good for a YEA TEAM!