Bring it On Thursday

I can't help it; today just seems primed for Awesome.

I'm so sure of it, I used a semicolon in my opening line. I KNOW.

Want to see how awesome works too? Check out this effort by YA author Maureen Johnson* - she woke up yesterday and decided to make the world suck just a little less. And then she did something. She raised, over the course of the day, $6000 in donations for a charity called Shelterbox. And the fundraising will continue today.

In a world where too many well-known people tweet/blog/say... just... the stupidest things... this was pretty cool.

I have a plan to make the world (or at least, my little piece of it) a little more awesome too - small things. It will involve smiling and greeting everyone I meet, getting in touch with people I've neglected, and doing at least one nice thing for someone else.**

What are you going to do today? Tell me in the comments below!

Don't forget to sign up for the Bucket List Blogfest, and tune in tomorrow for a very sweet Food Versus Food. 

Edit: Link to case-in-point example of celebrity stupidity via Twitter.

*  YA author? Yes, I am an adult. And I read her books. They're very good.
** I felt like I needed a list, but the plan is flexible. Who knows what the day will bring?

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  1. Well, I'm not sure my plans will actually be making the world a better place :) But on the writing front; I am working up prompts today, a blog post, and outlining a new short story. Also checking into ideas for conferences/workshops to attend. Do you have any favorites or suggestions?
    One Writer's Mind