Centering and Stink Bugs

I took a yoga class last night.

I've sort of done yoga in the past, but never really practiced it with any discipline. Still, I realized the other day that I don't handle stress well (future post). Also, I'm aware of muscles that are inflexible and the imbalance of strength between muscle groups and between different sides of my body.

Yoga seems like a good solution. And while the class wasn't that intense, I am definitely aware this morning of muscle groups that got a workout.

As for what it does over time... I'll post more in a few weeks.

During class, as the teacher unfolded his mat, he picked something up and gently placed it further away. I guess it's a respect for life thing. Or a respect for creature - it was a stink bug. Apparently, they're back.

Have a lovely weekend! It's beautiful, if quite windy, out there.


  1. I'm also in the 'deals poorly with stress' category, and I find yoga very helpful. Finding time to actually do the yoga seems more problematic ... :) Anyway, I hope it helps you out, and that you feel better very soon. As for the stink bugs, I don't think they ever left. I still find them crawling on the television in the middle of winter. I used to think it was the roaches that would inherit the earth. I've changed my mind.
    One Writer's Mind

  2. Thanks Bryce. :) I hear you, about finding the time to practice.

  3. for me, It's ok that stink bugs with sometimes, but not plaguing so many of them, and even in my garden they infested my vegetables.