Link: House-made Challah Bread on HowChow

Check out this fabulous post on HowChow about the challah bread at Bon Fresco and Great Harvest Bakery

Fortunately, no one was harmed in the name of Science.*  And it sounds as if tasty carbs were had by all.**
XKCD #242

I've posted before about Bon Fresco, but I've never been to Great Harvest - this is excellent motivation to try it! Nor have I fully appreciated the bakery offerings of Bon Fresco to this point, something I plan to change after reading that post.

*In this instance, I heartily approve.
** Something of which I always approve.


  1. I will happily taste test Challah bread from all over HoCo with you!!!

  2. Love love LOVE the Challah bread from Great Harvest and I also love that they observe the tradition and only make it on Fridays. Kind of sucks if you're in the mood for it on a Tuesday, but the fact that they *respect* the Challah is pretty awesome. :)