Tapping the Kegs: The Sequel

So, I missed the HoCoBlogs party last night, although I did see Meghan afterwards and she said it was very fun! Where was I, you ask?

Well, when the date of the party was announced I had already committed myself to organizing a Happy Hour for the Metro Area Beer, Wine, and Spirits Meet-Up. They were a fun group. We went to Frisco Tap House - my first return since their soft opening in December. (hocoblogs@@@)

OH. And that happened to be the day that Frisco released Natty Boh on draft (it's been available in different bars in the area since the beginning of February, and Frisco was the last of a series of about a dozen keg-release/kick-off events).

OH. And I got to write about it. Columbia Patch let me write about beer! How cool is that!


End shameless self-promotion.

Now that's out of the way, I do have a few things to say related to my last post about Frisco.

The food at Frisco is just as awesome as ever. I <3 the Spicy Steak Samich, even if I had trouble saying it.

The bartenders at Frisco that night looked a bit overwhelmed - seriously the place was packed - and they still did an awesome job. I don't know how they kept it all straight.

I asked the owner about the crowd, and he just shrugged and said it was more than they expected, but that it happens. This is a good sign. I like Frisco, and I'm glad they're doing so well.

Parking was a small problem (I scored one of the last spots at 5:15), but not for the intrepid and determined willing to make a small hike.

Frisco had all 50 taps working, plus a cask (I'm not sure what was in it, and they may have had more). I got to see them tap the cask, that was cool. (Any time when one gets to use a hammer in the work place, it's usually cool.)  The beers tasted great - yes, I did try some "real" beer. Their beer selection always impresses me.

As for what I think of Natty Boh on draft... well, you can read about my sentimental connection to the beer - and about how things went down, on Columbia Patch!


  1. The hike from where I parked wasn't bad. However, the parking situation there is turning into a big issue. If the company that owns the surrounding office parking lots ever decides to start towing vehicles (which would be really uncool), then there really would not be any place left to park. They really do need to address this.

    That said, the food IS amazing...cheese enchiladas all the way, and the beer selection is great. For events like last night, they need more people working the bar. I wait 30min for a beer last night...and the girl next to be waited 45min. Can't fault the barstaff that was there as they worked their asses off and did a great job...they were just horribly overwhelmed, which is really a disservice to them and the customers.

    Nevertheless...I had a great time too and Natty Boh on draft tastes pretty damn good.

  2. I agree with you and jeff-- last night, they needed more people, and parking is bad there. I never know if where I park is legal... but there are usually no signs, so I guess it's fine, right? Until that night I get towed.