Blog-friends, I have a problem*.

About a year ago, I was flirting with what may or may not have been plantar fasciitis - which is basically a running/overuse injury. I scaled back my miles and then, after rest, applied some kinesio tape per their video instructions. I don't know if it was the rest, the tape, or the mental fix that helped it. At the time, I didn't care.

Now, I'm thinking it might not be overuse. I think it's shoes. 

I feel the pain creep back in when I spend a lot of time on my feet, or when I wear heels to work. Normally I wear sketchers (flats) but sometimes I wear sensible dressy shoes (rounded toe, secure strap, thick 1.5-2" heel**).

It feels as if someone's jamming a ballpoint pen into the center of my arch, just below the ball of the foot.

I'm fairly sure the return is not due to mileage, I've been pretty conservative lately. My running shoes are relatively new, no where near replacement time, and they're the model I've used for more than a year. Nor do I have the usual aches that crop up when I've blown out a pair of running shoes.

Seriously, I'm ready to go around in my socks for the rest of the day. I work in a research lab with bacteria, chemicals, glass, etc. This should tell you how uncomfortable I am.

So... I need your help. What shoes do you wear all day?  Do you have suggestions for a brand or style that I can wear when I need to look nice at work, that will still provide support post-run?

Tell me in the comments below. Seriously, my socks will thank you.

*  I know, just one!
** There may in fact be no such thing as a sensible heel. I'm trying to ignore that fact.


  1. My mom swears by Dansko shoes for a slightly less dressy, flat soled shoe. I love Clark's Indigo line for dressy shoes. They have the stability and comfort of Clarks, but there's an ecclectic design quality to them that's very vintage. They're expensive, but good (comfortable) shoes are, unfortunately. The Clark's store in the Columbia Mall has some of the Indigo line available so you can try them on and test them out. :)

  2. Well - my go-to all day shoes in winter are my pink Dearfoam slippers from Costco (best $8 I've ever spent!). Of course, I'm a stay-at-home mom, so that probably won't do for the lab. My other go-to all day comfy shoes that are a bit nicer are these Naturalizers (http://www.naturalizer.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC0216620&pg=3004895). Not super dressy, but good for a day spent in your lab coat. I tried on Dansko's because I thought they looked really cool - but they were just not comfortable on my foot in the arch area.

  3. I recommend the pikashoe.

  4. I can recommend a good podiatrist. I have had foot problems in the past and done the self treatment thing and it usually works best (and faster) to get professional help, especially if you are a runner.

  5. I'd echo the Danskos (there's an online outlet! And one in West Grove, PA, if you're ever up in that direction) as well as the podiatrist. My husband has diagnosed PF and he uses Dr. Scholls inserts in all of his shoes, and the work pretty well.

  6. I am a big fan of Sofft shoes for something that looks nice enough for me to wear to the office but is still relatively comfortable and supportive.

  7. Oh wow, ouch. I never (hardly ever) wear heels, and when I do, they are less than 1". Bad for feet as well as backs. I hope you can find some foot relief soon; a podiatrist may be able to recommend some good brands (just call the office; may not have to pay to see one).

  8. Thanks for the advice everyone! I've got a list of shoes to check out, the number of a good podiatrist, and a lot of motivation to junk most of the heels I own (which is not many, no worries). On the bright side, a few days of sensible shoes seems to have done the trick - 0 pain since Sunday am..