Elkridge Creeper Ice Cream Person... 2.0

Last night, I spotted the Elkridge creeper ice cream man/woman that sometimes works our neighborhood.

To be clear, it was around 6:20. On November 3. I was wearing a scarf and a jacket. The sun was going down. And then I heard the music, and saw the truck whipping around the corner into the lot opposite ours.

I guess there's always time for ice cream?

I don't have a picture of this one, but this is what I imagine it would have looked like had I gone over.


  1. Ok, you are officially cut off from the glue you have been sniffing :-)

  2. Aw.. I haven't used the glue gun in weeks! ;)

  3. That picture was a surprise, I do think it is always a good time for ice cream!