Green Valley Marketplace

We got a coupon mailer for Green Valley Marketplace - the grocery store that will be replacing the overpriced and rundown SuperFresh in Elkridge - the other day.

I'm not going to lie, it's been kind of annoying not having a grocery store within walking distance. But I just say annoying. I am aware of how fortunate we are, and can't imagine how difficult it's been for people who don't have regular or convenient transportation. For me, it's been going without mushrooms if I happened to forget them. Or just going a few miles out of my way because I really wanted chicken for dinner.

Still, I'm curious about this new place. The coupons they gave us amount to $5 off of $50, for the first four weeks that the store is open. If the prices are good, we'll definitely use them. That was the biggest failing of the SuperFresh store. While the bakery was excellent, the rest of the store was really, noticeably more expensive than other options like the MeadowRidge Giant.

So much so that we would have conversations like this.

SWR: "I'm going to make a stop on the way home. What do we need from SuperFresh?"

Mr. SWR: ""As little as possible."

I'm also glad to have a new storefront in our shopping center, and hopefully there's been a small hiring bump. I'm really hoping that they get around to issuing some sort of online circular, which will make it more convenient to shop. I use that feature on the Giant webpage often.

I'll post up some pictures when I get over there, but you can see a preview on their facebook page - the store is set to open on Nov 16. (hocofood@@@)

EDIT (11/16): First impressions and pictures, here.


  1. Looks pretty nice from the pictures that were posted on the Facebook page. I can't wait to try it out.

  2. It is good to have shopping choices!