Happy Halloween!

October 31!  All-Hallows eve, when people dress up, kids have an excuse to get wired on candy, and disturbing theme dishes suddenly become ok.  

Oh, it's also the day that NaNoWriMos everywhere enjoy their last breaths before the insanity begins.

Yup, that's right.  I will be writing a novel this upcoming month.  It will be a minimum of 50,000 words, but I'm going for more.  Look for me at Panera, Mad City Coffee, Borders, Casey's Coffee, and similar places.  I'll be the brunette tweaked out on caffeine and adrenaline. 

What does that mean for SwimWriteRun?  Well, posts will be shorter, but I'll still hit the schedule at a minimum (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday).  My column will still appear in Columbia Patch - check out the next one on November 12!  You can also watch me zoom and/or struggle through my word count using the widget to the right of the screen.

But that's a whole some-number-of-hours away (12:01am on Nov 1! ...during which I'll be sleeping).  Until then, I plan to enjoy Halloween - and I hope you do to!  As you're trying not to eat the candy that's supposed to be for the kids, take a minute to read about the All Hallows Read program started by Neil Gaiman. This is a cool idea, one I might try next year! (when I have more time to scrape the egg off the front of our house)

Happy Halloween, be safe, and have fun!

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