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I'm a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, where I studied biology.  I also had a brief stint in Club Swimming, played Club Rugby, worked in the residence halls, studied martial arts, and TA'd a few classes.  There, I met a fabulous man who's willing to do things like run around in the mud with me.  In 2004, I began a PhD program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and an official project in 2006.  Since then, I've helped write two reviews, authored some abstracts and a funded grant, and won some awards.  Hopefully the end is in sight.

There are a ton of things that keep me busy these days, since I try to balance my research with outlets to keep me sane.  I'm a writer, both of fiction and nonfiction, and I write a column for Columbia Patch that focuses on exercise and fitness.  I have a great writers' group that constantly supplies education and encouragement, and I like to shake things up with Spark Project and NaNoWriMo.  My bed-side book stack is eclectic: literary, mainstream, fantasy, scifi, etc.  The Kindle has re-kindled (sorry...) my love for classics as well.  I like to cook, sail (when I can), try new restaurants, fish, and camp (I call it camping).  I help organize events for a Columbia/Ellicott City Socials group and a Metro Area Beer, Wine, and Spirits group.  

Though I'm a slacker at times (I keep a healthy balance), I love to run and swim. Those are my two major forms of exercise, though I throw in yoga, spin classes, and other activities.  Still working on the cycling thing.  I've done the IronGirl Sprint Tri in Columbia, and the Columbia Triathlon (Olympic distance).  I completed my first marathon in October 2010, and it was a fabulous experience - I can't wait for the next one.  I swam across the bay in June, and will hopefully top that with a 5-mile swim at the Swim For Life in 2011.  We're raising money in 2011 for the Wounded Warrior Project through the Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic Event in Virginia.  Follow our progress (and our sometimes-humorous take on training) by clicking on the TeamSFM tab, where you can also make a donation.

That's me - thanks for following my blog!  Leave a blurb about yourself in the comments.

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