Food versus Food: Cups of Cakes

...or, as those in the know like to say... "cupcakes."

Just before they say "Om nom nom nom."

By Marvelcakes (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The cupcake has always been pretty awesome, a great treat that - when it's really good - doesn't even need the frosting. 

think of kid things when I think about cupcakes: licking the cake batter off of the spoon; holding the sprinkles up high so they fall evenly... on everything but the cake; glossy round chocolate and vanilla tops crammed into a tray and sent off to school for birthdays (back when you were allowed to do that sort of thing).

Since then, though, cupcakes became a trend. Or, as some would call it, a passion. (or a curse - do a google search. There's lots of CupCakeHatin' going on out there.)

So how do cupcakes in the HoCo measure up against eachother? This FvF is all about finding out! (hocofood@@@)

Contender #1: Snickerdoodle cupcake from Fresh Bakery (the cupcake stand in the Mall).

Fresh Bakery is actually located in Owings Mills, but has "cupcake stands" in area malls - including the Columbia Mall. Somehow, since it's been open, I've managed to walk right past the stand without noticing. Repeatedly. So I took SixSwims with me to make sure I didn't bypass the cupcakey goodness.

Fresh Bakery cupcakes sit in neat rows near little placards, beneath domes of glass. But that's not actually the most interesting thing about them. They're square, which is a pretty interesting visual. But how does that translate to taste?

I chose snickerdoodle because the name was appealing - another throwback from childhood - and the cake was very pretty. 

Square cupcakes from Fresh Bakery. Snickerdoodle is on the right.
Cindy's choice (chocolate/chocolate) is on the left.
Seriously, the square thing is neat.

The first bite of cupcake was excellent - the icing was flavored lightly with cinnamon, but there was a slight crunch to each bite. I couldn't decide if it was a sprinkling of sugar (..to go with the snickerdoodle theme...) or if the cake had been sitting for a while. I really wanted it to be a dusting of sugar. The yellow cake was moist and sweet, but didn't seem to have any noticeable traces of cinnamon. 

Fresh Bakery's cupcake was a nice, light ending after a dinner, and a pleasant treat.

Which brings us to...

Contender #2: Snickerdoodle cupcake from Kupcakes & Co in Elkridge.

Kupcake & Co is located at 6010 Meadowridge Center Drive in Elkridge - you have to drive around to the back of the small strip-type mall to find it. It's a small shop with one table and (the day I went) two huge racks of fresh cupcakes.

Curious how my experience would compare, I couldn't resist ordering the Snickerdoodle cupcake.

Snickerdoodle Cupcake from Kupcake & Co.
It got a little squished en route to the eating (in the back, so this is the better side), but that was my fault.

Kupcake & Co's Snickerdoodle cupcake is visually impressive to start, crowned with a generous swirl of cinnamon-colored icing and topped with pieces of snickerdoodle cookie which give a nice texture. I'm not normally a girl who likes loads of frosting on cake, but this frosting was sweet without being overpowering - the cinnamon definitely helped. 

The cake was spiced as well. Biting into it made me think of warm spice cake around the holidays, and even though I liked the icing, I would have been fine without it

And, while I could easily put away a whole cupcake... honestly I didn't need to. Even split between two people, this cupcake was a decadent after-dinner treat.

The Verdict: I thought it would be a hard decision, but while both cupcakes were tasty, a clear winner emerged quickly: Kupcake & Co.! They might turn out a round cupcake, but they don't cut corners. (I know... I know... sorry. Please come back.) Their Snickerdoodle cupcake looked great, I loved the cookie accent. Most importantly, all of the components tasted wonderful, and the cupcake tasted very fresh.

Where do you go for your cupcake fix? What's your favorite flavor? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I saw the cup cake stand at the mall. I didn't realize that they intentionally did them square ...

    Anyway, it is not on my diet to eat one of these (not yet anyway), but it is on my list for the future, along with a Big Mack, French Fries, A Bloom'en Onion and a MudSlide ... see, there is a list.

  2. We recently tried out Kupcakes & Co - their pancakes & bacon cupcake was yummy and definitely a treat to split with another person. I didn't need the bacon on top, but it was a cute accompaniment. The maple flavor was awesome! I want to go back on a Thursday or Friday and try out their "Happy Hour" cupcakes that are fun drink flavors like strawberry daiquiri and margarita.

    We really like Touche Touchet's cupcakes, too. I love the strawberry one (they don't have it all the time) and the chocolate raspberry one. They are huge with lots of icing - but unlike you, I am an icing girl, so I like that. I like the raspberry filling, mmmmm.

  3. Touche Touchet's location near the post office in the Atholton Shopping Center makes it too easy to be "bad". I love their peanut butter cupcakes. Icing is on top and inside. I also really like their German chocolate cupcake which has the traditional coconut caramel topping with a squirt of chocolate on the inside. They always seem to have some other interesting variety to try. Definitely worth a stop!

  4. @ RK - Mmmm, bloomin' onion. Now I'm hungry again :)

    @ Wendi - I tried the maple bacon too, it was pretty tasty! (I couldn't go in there and just get ONE cupcake. ;) ) I'll have to swing by Touchet Touchet. This challenge actually has me rethinking my less-icing-is-more stance. I'm thinking, now, it might depend on the icing.

    @ IP - Those both sound great! I'm thinking I might have to schedule a cupcake re-challenge with Touchet Touchet among the challengers.

  5. Cupcakes are really a big thing lately - personally I am pie all the way!

  6. I personally blame the Kupcake Kompany for the five pounds I've gained this summer. In the month of July I spend $100 there. My name is Erinn and I have a problem.
    I think my favorite is the Peppermint Patty.

  7. I'm old school. I want someone to actually frost the cupcake with a knife, not a pastry bag.

  8. When I need a cupcake fix, I track down the IcedGems cupcake truck. The chocolate hazelnut is my favorite of the regular flavors but I once had one that was some kind of cherry, chocolate, almond thing that made me want to cry.

  9. Don't know what local kind I favor, yet, but I am definitely a person who emphasizes cake over icing. The perfect cupcake is one that could be eaten without icing at all IMHO.
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