A refusal to vent, August, and a party.

Posting here's been inconsistent. Sorry about that.

Part of it is that I'm incredibly busy. The other part is that the things occupying my mind are not things I'm really willing to blog about. It's hard to publish updates about things like school/work without turning it into a vent, and that's something I don't want to do on my blog.

Still, things are looking up.

Here's what you can expect for August:

Food versus Food - Two posts, set and ready to go. I know. Be excited!

Some DIY and cooking posts - I've got some cool DIY projects going that I just have to share. The word of the day is "Upcycle."

Where am I, Wednesday? - guess where I am in the HoCo, based on the amazing photo technology of the little Droid X That Could.

And more. (aka, blanket statement to promise additional content, probably related to happenings both local and national)

Also, don't forget about the HoCo Blogs party coming up next Thursday! It's a family-friendly event on Aug 11 at Stanford Grill. 5:30pm. RSVP here!

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