Wednesday Weeklies

Welcome to the first installment of Wednesday Weeklies, where I offer a few of the interesting happenings and links that I've stumbled upon during my trip through the internets.


HoCo blogger?  HoCo Blog reader?  Check out the next HoCo blogtail party at Pure Wine Cafe on Nov 30.  If you haven't been to PWC before, it's worth a check-out - it's a cute little wine bar (really, it's little) right off Main Street in Ellicott City.  I wasn't wild about the customer service on my first visit here, but I was with a group more or less overwhelmed the place... so I'll have to try it again.

Worried about tanking on turkey this year?  Check out the Howard County Striders' Thanksgiving Prediction 10K on Thursday.  Registration starts at 8:30a.  Cheap race, and a really nice run through my old stomping ground.  Hope the rain holds off!

Black Friday kicks off on Friday morning, with some Columbia Mall stores opening as early as 3:00am midnight.  The mall officially opens at 6:00am. Will I be there?  With my camera!  As part of a strategy to attract customers despite the lagging economy and lukewarm deals, giveaway bags will be distributed near Lord & Taylor and include chances to win an iPad, a flat screen TV, and more presents for me prizes.

If you can't wait that long to get in a fist fight over this year's version of Tickle Me Elmo, Arundel Mills Mall will be opening at midnight on Thursday (or 12:00am on Friday, whichever you prefer).

Still not in the holiday spirit?  Check out the Howard County Library's holiday music Coffeehouse on Dec 2.  Are you a musician yourself? Register in advance with Jean Salkeld at 410.313.7766. Remember Libraries are closed on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Don't forget about the Symphony of Lights, open now through Jan 2. (except for Dec 31)


Check out an interesting discussion on Sarah Says about the disparity between male and females blogging.  There's Part I and Part II.

I keep walking past Nazar market, and HowChow posts about them again.  You win, food-blogger-guy.  I will check it out when I go for my next Bon Fresco fix.

Is there an increase in crime in Howard County, or are stories just more visible in the local news network?  In light of recent violence - the brutal murder of a homeless woman and an assault on a Jessup jogger - take the chance to join in an honest discussion of crime in the area.

Congrats to Lisa Rossi of Columbia Patch/Domestic Wrecks on the birth of her baby boy (who was not named Sweatshirt)!

Milo goes to puppy school, much to Meathead and Grimace's relief.  Maybe Grimmy can get his GED.

Interesting mention on a Tale of Two Cities about airport screening - not what I expected.  News reports blown out of proportion?  System overwhelmed?  Will have to keep an eye on the news this weekend.

Check out a cool interview with Astronomer Andrew Rivkin on One Writer's Mind.

That's all for now on Wednesday Weeklies (Weekly?  It's the first one.  Hm.).

See you all for the Thanksgiving post tomorrow.  Travel safely!

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  1. Wow, you sure did find a lot of great stuff on the web.

    Speaking of Milo, check out Milo's new sweater on my blog - finished making it last night and he is just too darn cute in it!! Of course, I am totally objective.