Things I learned this weekend (and maybe some other weekends mixed in)...

November is one of the best times of the year for camping... provided it's
a) in a camper, with a toasty ceramic heater.
b) sunny, which shows off the beautiful fall foliage.
c) accompanied by a cool propane heater and a blazing campfire.

Fresh S'mores are awesome no matter how old I am.

New cars manufactured after 2006 are required to have some sort of tire pressure monitoring system that notifies the driver when there's a problem.

It is possible for boxed wine to taste vastly superior to wine in a bottle.  Silver Birch Savignon Blanc was really, really pleasant to drink.

I can make almost anything with a grill, a slow-cooker, and/or an electric skillet.  Hey.  I said almost.

Jack London was a great American writer.  He is so much more than White Fang, which to be honest I didn't really enjoy that much when we read it in school.

Without distractions, I can write thousands of words in a day.

When most days involve running from place to place, focusing on a hundred different things, it's hard to get in time with the people you love.  I get a whole weekend with Matt when we go camping, and that's very special.

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  1. hmmm pictures didn't come out for me....don't forget the awesomeness of choco-taco style smores on a grill!