Technicolor Bagels

Don't ask about FvF... but I am prepared to talk about ONE food thing this week. (hocofood@@@)

The Bagel Bin in River Hill has started offering Cheddar Cheese bagels. I noticed them right away a few weeks ago. They're hard to miss. 

OK, to be honest, the color was actually a little alarming (compare to the mild yellow of the egg bagel beside them). I snapped a picture and received some funny looks from other people in line.

My typical MO is to order a pizza bagel on a toasted supreme bagel. This is an awesome breakfast after a quick run (comfort food after being dusted), and has carbs, salt, and fat, which I crave after a long workout. (alright, to be honest, I could eat that after a mile run. Oh well.)

Out of curiosity, I changed it up. I give you, pizza en cheddar bagel.

Pizza bagel on a toasted cheddar cheese bagel at the Clarksville Bagel Bin.
Yeah... I eat the pickle, too, even though it's breakfast. Yum!

The verdict? This was pretty good. Like having pizza on a cheese-it, if cheese-its contained the perfect mixture of crunch and chew. 

Of course, this change might not be for everyone. Based on my recommendation, a friend changed his AM order. The result of his Pizza Bagel Experiment:
Mo, I tried the cheddar bagel as you instructed. It didnt work out. The supreme [my last bagel recommendation] is definitely your finer hour.


Have you tried the technicolor cheddar? Tell me in the comments below!


  1. You left out a very revealing aspect from that quote.

    The second half of it read...
    "Jeff said that I shouldn't listen to you and HE is, in fact, the pizza bagel master."

    And I've been proven correct. :)

  2. I refuse to take bagel advice from a guy who orders peanut butter on his garlic bagels. ;)

  3. Now peanut butter on an onion bagel, that's good stuff...

    I always go sandwich crazy at the Bagel Bin, I'll have to try a pizza one next time!