Wounded Warrior Project Fundraising Recap



Is this thing on?

...you might have noticed the lack of posts these days. It's probably going to continue that way for the next few months while I complete my thesis work and such, but I wanted to stop in and give a recap of our fundraising efforts for the Wounded Warrior Project. Our initial fundraising goal was $300.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances no one could control, we were not able to travel to Virginia to participate in Tough Mudder. We plan to get there next year, but we still managed to raise some money for the 2011 event, with your help!

Special thanks goes out to our families, Tom at HoCoRising, Tonia at Maryland Thai Boxing, and Matt's efforts to collect cash at the coffee-pot. We raised an AWESOME total of $430.00. ($50 was generously donated before Tough Mudder switched from Active.com to Raceit.com, and does not appear on our team site; however, we were assured at the time of the switch that the donation would make it to the WWP).

Don't worry. Next year, we'll set the bar even higher. :)

If you would still like to contribute to the Wounded Warrior Project, please consider visiting their website and learning how this organization can benefit from your support.

Thanks again everyone. You rock. 


  1. Oh gosh! I didn't know this was the event you guys missed. I am sooo sorry!

    Of course "knowing" wouldn't have changed anything. It had been a hard weekend and this week has been worse in some ways. Tomorrow is the day she goes to rehab. It will be the worst day! Hoping my life simplifies a bit, but knowing my luck ...

  2. It's not a big deal at all, please don't be sorry. :(

    Do you need help tomorrow? I can either work my schedule, or be home so Matt can come.